Summer Jewelry Care – Tips on Taking Care of Your Summer Jewelry

Summer is only a few weeks away! For most people, summer is an active time of year with summer vacations, road trips, and outdoor activities; like swimming, hiking, and sunbathing on the beach. With all of this activity, you need to take special care of the jewelry you wear. So in preparation for the summer, here are some tips to help keep your summer jewelry sparkling and ready to wear.1. Remove your jewelry before swimming and strenuous activities- While most people like to keep their jewelry on when they swim, hike, or during other outdoor activities, it’s a good idea to remove it beforehand. Salt water and chlorine can be damaging especially for sterling silver jewelry. And sweat can make your sterling silver jewelry tarnish quickly. So if you know that you’re going to take a dip in the pool or go swimming at the beach, be sure to remove your jewelry and store it in a safe place first.2. Remove your jewelry before applying substances like sunblock and bug spray- While it’s important to protect your skin from sun damage and bug bites, getting this stuff on your jewelry is going to do nothing but make it harder to clean later.Substances like lotion can get stuck into the little nooks and crevices of chains and gemstone prongs which makes it hard to remove later. And once the lotion gets in those tiny crevices, it can be a magnet for dirt. When you’re slathering on the sunblock, remember to remove your rings, bracelets, and chains first.3. Get loose findings, gemstone prongs, and clasps repaired- It’s easy to lose a piece of jewelry or individual gemstones and beads simply because your jewelry is in poor repair. A loose or broken clasp can cause your favorite bracelet, necklace, or anklet to fall off with your notice. You can lose your favorite pair of earrings and or an heirloom brooch or pendent because of a broken jump ring or pin backing.Before you put your jewelry on, take a few minutes to look for potential problems. If your jewelry has set gemstones, check to make sure they’re not loose. Check the jump rings (those tiny little rings that connect things) on your chains, earrings, and pendants to make sure they’re not open or broken. If you wear beaded jewelry, check to make sure that there’s no fraying on the strings that hold the beads. Just one tug on a weakened string means you’ll be scrambling to find missing beads. Wiggle the posts on the backs of earring studs to make sure they’re not coming loose. If you find anything that’s a cause for concern, put those pieces aside until you can get it fixed.4. Clean your jewelry regularly- Your own sweat and body oils are one of the things that can dull the shine of your favorite jewelry pieces. And you’ll have those in abundance during the summer! Make it a habit to clean your jewelry on a regular basis. Often, all that’s needed for metal jewelry is soaking in warm soapy water, rinsing, and drying with a soft towel.For jewelry pieces that can’t be submerged in water, you can wipe them down with a damp cloth. For sterling silver jewelry, you can prevent tarnish with regular cleaning and by applying an anti-tarnish polish to slow down the formation of tarnish. Use a good polishing cloth on metal jewelry to bring back the sparkle after soaking.Just follow these four simple tips and you’ll have your jewelry looking fabulous all summer long!

Straight Forward Cleaning Tips For Swarovski Jewelry

Many people today are hooked on having heaps of jewelry, ranging from expensive diamonds to handmade glass beads and cheap polymer clay jewelry. As we all know, we buy jewelry for a purpose, and our emotions are the major influence in deciding which jewelry we’ll buy, what design and style suits our taste and whether our jewelry is precious or semi-precious. Whatever type of jewelry we buy we will need to keep them clean to ensure that they keep their sparkle.There are plenty of varieties of jewelry, and each variety has its own method and way of keeping them clean to maintain their shine and stunning look. If we use the correct system we are secure in knowing that our jewelry can be with us for a lifetime. One of the hottest varieties of jewelry is Swarovski, this is a one of a kind jewelry that is really stunning, though the price is a little bit high. Owning this type of jewelry gives us great satisfaction, but many men still do not know the simple way to clean and maintain the beauty of their Swarovski jewelry. Here are some easy cleaning tips; these cleaning tips are extremely cheap. In fact the materials that you’ll need will most probably be lying around your home.To revive the brilliance of Swarovski jewelry, you can use baby wipes to make them shine like new again. All you have to do is to place the baby wipe in your hand and roll your jewelry over it to clean it. Wiping your jewelry a couple of times is recommended before drying it with a clean dry lint free cloth.Another great tip for cleaning Swarovski jewelry is making a cleaning solution. Use a container with a lid; add water, rubbing alcohol, and dish washing soap as a mix for the solution. Close the container with the lid and shake it to mix up all of the ingredients. After that, completely dip the jewelry into the solution. Close the lid again; leave the jewelry soaking in the solution for at least 3 minutes. You can swirl the container at the same time, then let it sit for the remaining minutes. After soaking for 3 minutes, remove the lid off the container and take out the jewelry. Rinse the jewelry using warm water to wash off the solution and then wipe the jewelry using a dry clean lint free cloth.Jewelries are also like parts of our body, they also have to be cleaned to maintain their function as well as their beauty. Looking after these wonderful items won’t take up much of your time. It is important to realize that the better you take care of your jewelry the longer the shine and brilliance will last. Not only will your jewelry pieces continue to look great, but if you look after them properly then you will be able to pass them down to your children and they can enjoy wearing the pieces as much as you did.

How To Choose Wedding Jewelry To Accent Your Wedding Gown

You’ve planned the perfect wedding spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your wedding dress and now you want to find the right jewelry to accent that beautiful creation as you walk down the aisle. Many women find themselves agonizing over choosing the right wedding jewelry. However, making that choice doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow a few simple tips.The Less Dress The More Jewelry You Can WearIf you have chosen a strapless wedding dress that leaves your neck shoulders and arms bare and is simple without a lot of embellishments such as embroidery or bead work then the more jewelry you can wear. Instead of a single strand necklace and a thin bracelet or no bracelet at all you can wear multi strand necklaces and bracelets if you choose. In fact, thicker necklaces and bracelets often set off simple and elegant dresses to the best advantage.The opposite holds true as well. If you are wearing a full sleeved high necked wedding dress with a lot of embellishments then you are going to want to wear as little jewelry as possible. A simple pair of earrings is often all the jewelry this type of dress needs.Consider The Neckline When Choosing A Wedding NecklaceYour wedding necklace should accent the neckline of your wedding dress. Rounded necklines on wedding dresses often look well with a choker or a simple set of short pearls while a V shaped neckline looks great with a pendant style necklace. Again choose your jewelry to match the amount of embellishments on the dress itself. If you have a lot of embellishments you may find a simple teardrop design works better than a necklace with a lot of stones in a wide pattern. Whereas, a plain wedding gown with a V neck may well benefit from a little more glitter.Consider Your Dresses Overall StyleYou also need to consider your dress’s overall style. An ultra modern dress probably won’t be accented well by antique jewelry unless that jewelry has an ageless design. Like wise an old fashioned romantic or medieval dress will not do well with ultra modern style jewelry. Always consider your dress style when choosing wedding jewelry and make sure that your jewelry accents your gown without overshadowing it.Put It All TogetherThe only way to know for sure if your jewelry is going to be the perfect accent for your dress is to put them both on together. This may be a problem when you are thinking about purchasing an expensive jewelry set as some jewelry stores will not allow you to rent the jewelry in order to try them out. If this is the case, then talk to the store owner explain your situation and see if you can at least return the jewelry and get all your money back if it does not work with your wedding dress.If that is not possible then try finding a necklace or jewelry set in the fashion jewelry section of your local discount store that at least matches the style of jewelry you are considering and see how that fits with your dress. While this won’t give you a perfect picture it will at least give you some idea how that expensive necklace may look.With these few simple tips you should find it much easier to choose the right jewelry to accent that beautiful wedding dress.