Protecting Jewelry With A Jewelry Armoire

When a person purchases jewelry, he or she is taking on the responsibility of protecting the said jewelry. Usually, the value of a piece of jewelry appreciates because the values of gold, diamond and other gemstones also appreciate. But this does not assure that the gold or diamond jewelry will become more expensive as time goes by. In fact, it is just as possible for the value of jewelry to depreciate. Depreciation happens when the jewelry owner neglects his or her responsibility to protect his or her jewelry collection.To illustrate, an expensive emerald ring is bought. It is expensive because the ring contains one of the few perfectly cut emeralds. But if this emerald ring is carelessly tossed together with other rings such as diamond rings, trouble is likely to happen. Basic material chemistry taught us that diamonds are the hardest of minerals and this means that it can easily scratch other minerals, even emeralds. The diamond can create grooves on the surface of the emerald stone as a result, the value of this blemished emerald stone plunges.Therefore, jewelry must be protected, separated, and organized so that they don’t lead to the depreciation of each other. It is suggested that the jewelry collector obtain either a jewelry box or a jewelry armoire.In a jewelry box or jewelry armoire, the necklaces, bracelets, rings, and brooches are not piled up on each other. The chains don’t get tangled and then accidentally get broken in an attempt to untangle them. For people with an extensive collection of necklaces, the far better choice is the jewelry armoire because of the hooks that will allow individual places for the necklaces. For people who collect rings, a divider must be present in either the jewelry box or jewelry armoire.Quality jewelry boxes and jewelry armoires are lined with soft fabrics that will cushion and protect the pieces of jewelry. But it is still advised that each piece of jewelry must be carefully wrapped to ensure that dust does not accumulate on the facets and surfaces. The wrapping material can be anything that resembles tissue paper but it is less coarse.Aside from storing the pieces of jewelry in a jewelry box or jewelry armoire, there are other helpful ways to protect these prized possessions. One way is to ensure that the jewelry is not carelessly tossed on a table or if you are in the bathroom, avoid placing it near the sink. The jewelry can get lost by getting drained into the sink. Thus, it is recommended that a person first takes off the jewelry and store them in the jewelry armoire before changing clothes.And still another way of protecting jewelry is to keep the pieces of jewelry away from chemicals, liquids, and even water. Some gemstones do not react well when submerged in cold or hot water. Chemicals from hair sprays and gels can dull the brilliance of the diamond and make gold jewels lack luster.When the pieces of jewelry are properly stored and protected, they can be handed down from generation to generation and their value appreciates significantly.